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Car Magnets

Car Magnets

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Car Magnets

Our Custom Car Magnets are a dynamic and versatile solution for turning your vehicle into a moving billboard. Whether you're promoting your business, supporting a cause, or making a statement, our car magnets offer an exceptional blend of mobility, durability, and impactful design.

Key Product Details


  • White Vinyl Magnetic Material: Crafted for flexibility and resilience, these magnets are designed to adhere securely to your vehicle while maintaining a pristine appearance.


  • 30 mil (.76 mm): Sturdy and robust, this thickness ensures that your magnet remains in place even at high speeds.


  • Matte Surface: Provides a professional and glare-free appearance, ensuring your message is easily seen and read.


  • Outdoor/Indoor: Versatile and adaptable, our car magnets are engineered to perform exceptionally in various environments, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Minimum Magnetic Pull/Lbs. Per Square Feet:

  • 60/293 lb.: Ensures that your magnet remains securely attached, even in challenging conditions.



Starting Prices: Our website displays starting prices. For accurate project costs, request a custom quote.

Deposit: A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to start your project, which is applied as credit towards the total cost.

Final Payment: The remaining amount will be billed when your project is ready for printing.

To place a custom order, inquire about pricing for different sizes and quantities, and receive a quote for print and/or design.

You can reach out via Instagram Direct Message (

or send us an email at [].

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