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Elevate Your Environment with Custom Floor Decals

Our Custom Floor Decals offer an innovative way to transform spaces, promote brands, or guide foot traffic with ease. Available in two exceptional variants – Lightweight and Heavy Duty – we provide the perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor floor graphics needs.

Lightweight Custom Floor Decals: Flexibility Meets Elegance Our Lightweight floor decals are designed for versatility and ease, boasting the following specifications:

  • Printed On: White Textured Matte Vinyl
  • Thickness: Ranging from 6 mil to 10 mil
  • Finish: Lightweight Slip-Resistant Soft Rigid Surface
  • Usage: Ideal for indoor settings with a lifespan of 6 months to a year
  • Features & Benefits:
    • Structured Matte Finish: Presenting a refined, glare-free appearance.
    • No Adhesive Residue: Worry-free application and removal without leaving marks.
    • Adheres to Almost Any Surface: Versatile enough to bond with various indoor surfaces.
    • Ease of Application and Removal: Straightforward, hassle-free installation and removal.
    • Slip-Resistant: Ensures safety by providing a reliable, anti-slip surface.

Heavy Duty Custom Floor Decals: Where Durability Meets Impact Our Heavy Duty floor decals are built to withstand the test of time, designed with the following impressive specifications:

  • Printed On: Polyester Reinforced Self-Adhesive White Vinyl
  • Thickness: Ranging from 8 mil to 12 mil
  • Finish: Heavy Duty Slip-Resistant Rigid Surface
  • Usage: Suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings, offering up to a year of performance based on surface and conditions.
  • Features & Benefits:
    • High Visual Impact: Create a lasting impression with bold, vivid graphics.
    • Suitable for Rough Surfaces: Ideal for use on uneven or rough floor types.
    • Easy to Apply and Remove: Effortless installation and removal, allowing for swift updates and changes.
    • Slip-Resistant: Provides enhanced traction, ensuring safety even in demanding conditions. 

Starting Prices: Our website displays starting prices. For accurate project costs, request a custom quote.

Deposit: A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to start your project, which is applied as credit towards the total cost.

Final Payment: The remaining amount will be billed when your project is ready for printing.

To place a custom order, inquire about pricing for different sizes and quantities, and receive a quote for print and/or design.

You can reach out via Instagram Direct Message (@Yourprintstudio.ca)

or send us an email at [Roger@yourprintstudio.com].

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